Frequently Asked Questions

Courses offered by The Catholic Thing Courses are not for credit. There are no tests or grades – which means you are free to focus entirely on learning, without having to worry about the academic credentials.

If you have previously taken a TCT course at, we have preloaded your email address into our new website. We have done this to provide you unlimited access to past courses. In order to purchase a new course or to gain access to your past courses you first MUST create a new password. 

After you follow the prompts to create your new password, you may log in and purchase a new course.

If you have any trouble contact Hannah Russo at [email protected].

To enroll for a course either Live or OnDemand simply add the desired course to your cart. Once purchased, you will receive instructions via email on how to access your Account. Note: OnDemand course material is available immediately. Live courses begin on scheduled days and course is available as the course progresses.

Course fees vary depending on the length and complexity of the material to be covered. We have worked very hard to keep the course fee low, so as to make it possible for almost everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the Catholic tradition.

No, the course book is always optional, however it is recommended in order to make it easier to follow the material covered in the lectures.

No, TCT Courses are open to all prospective students interested in deepening their Catholic Faith.

No degree is required. We exist to offer accessible online courses to everyone. Simply enroll and engage with your professor in a Live course or begin taking an OnDemand course the very same day.

We do not offer course credit for other institutions. We can, however, provide a certificate of completion for those looking to use our courses as continued education for particular diocesan requirements.

No problem. If you miss a Live session, it will be available online within three days. Just pick up where you left off at your convenience.

Our courses do not expire. Students often want to be able to rewatch a lecture or come back later and take a course again. While it’s best to watch the lectures at a steady pace, we know that people often have to fit learning into busy schedules. We provide unlimited access to any purchased course.

Because of ad blockers built into some browsers, the videos will not play. For example, the ad blockers built into the Brave Browsers prevent some of our course videos from playing. We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to watch out course videos. However, if an issue persists please contact us for further information and support.