Group Options

TCT Courses for Groups

At The Catholic Thing Courses, we know the value of an outstanding curriculum combined with great teachers.  By using TCT Courses in your classroom, you can combine your own expertise with that of a renowned Catholic scholar. Whether you are a University professor or group catechetical leader at your church, you can direct your students to our website to obtain our courses at no cost to your institution, or we can partner with your school, library, or parish for streaming or digital lending.   

How it works:


  1. Browse our courses and determine how you will incorporate our courses into your curriculum.
  2. Instruct your students to purchase your selected course(s) from our website just as they may purchase a textbook or other school supplies.

Bible Studies and other groups:

  1. Browse our courses and determine which course to take.
  2. Instruct each person from your group to purchase your selected course from our website.

Please note: The Catholic Thing Courses reserves all rights to course content, and while we encourage universities and groups to use of our courses, one individual may not purchase the course and distribute to a class or show in a group setting.  Think of our courses as texts to be acquired.  If you need additional information or are interested in purchasing the rights to a course to be used in a classroom setting, please send an email with your request to: [email protected].