About TCT Courses

Since the founding of The Catholic Thing, we have maintained that the Catholic tradition is broader and richer than any other cultural tradition on earth. It’s simply a fact that there is nothing else like it. At a time like the present, when we’re losing touch with our tradition and even the best in our secular culture – and are suffering from the ravages of deliberate cultural amnesia and an anti-culture – the way forward is, partly, the way back. 

Dante says in Inferno that he wandered off the true path because he was “full of sleep.” Like him, we need to wake ourselves up and get to work to get back on the right way.

Toward that end, The Catholic Thing began offering online courses in 2021, beginning with Dante’s Divine Comedy. After an overwhelmingly positive response from our readers, we realized that there was great interest – and widespread need – for guidance in exploring  exposure to the Biblical, classical, and medieval worlds – and the many other elements that went into forming the Catholic Faith and our Western civilization. 

In the Fall of 2022, we launched The Catholic Thing Courses, which hosts both Live and OnDemand modes of study. Our instructors are experts in their fields, scholars in theology, philosophy, canon law, and much more. 

With new courses continually being added to our online library, you too can be part of the vast effort needed in restoring the Church and the world. Even if you are a life-long Catholic, we’re sure you will discover unsuspected treasures by reading great Catholic books and coming to understand some of the brightest minds in history. If you are dissatisfied with often narrow and superficial presentations of the Faith, these courses will offer a window onto a wider and deeper world – the vast world of our great Catholic tradition.