Thomas More’s Utopia (Course Fee)

The Catholic Thing Courses Series just finished Augustine’s City of God. There, Bob Royal led a guided tour of two cities, one of which, the City of Man prospered or not depending on its denizen’s ability to live in concord with each other.  More’s Utopia, written a millennium later, extends the conversation (literally in dialogue) of what constitutes the ideal commonwealth. Written by More in mid-career, before service in the King’s court, it posits all the right questions and offers some paradoxical answers. C. S. Lewis once quipped that all agree that Utopia is a great book, but hardly any two agree as to why. We will explore this great work’s themes, riddles and meanings, hidden and otherwise.

The live course includes:

  • 4  1-hour video lectures reading carefully selected excerpts of More’s Utopia
  • 7:00 PM EST
  • Course dates: 2/15, 2/22, 3/1, 3/8
  • Extra reading material related to the course (optional)
  • Live course experience, chance to engage with other students and submit questions
  • Unlimited access to the course, recorded videos lectures will be made available to all enrolled students within three days of each live lecture

Course book:

We encourage all students obtain a copy of More’s Utopia. A free copy can be read here or we recommend this version if you would to purchase a hard copy.



Robert James Conrad Jr.


Robert James Conrad Jr. is a  judge of the U. S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina. He is the author of John Fisher and Thomas More: Keeping Their Souls While Losing Their Heads (2021), which recounts the stories of the two great Catholic saints who were executed by King Henry VIII. “[More and Fisher] were. . .servants of the one true God who spoke through his Word and his Church.  Their shared conviction was that … God was truth, and that his Church was a truth-telling institution.”